Full Name: Eric Ragnall Brendan William Sorley de Clairmont Race: Vampire Nationality: Norse/Gaelic Age: appears no older than 30 Status: alive Occupation: mercenary Gender: male Hair: blonde Eyes: blue, chilly Body: brawny, nearly 6'6 Family: Hugh de Clairmont (father-v) Matthew de Clairmont (uncle-v) Spouse : - Mentioned: - Appeared: SoN, p.59}}

Gallowglass is a vampire in the All Souls Trilogy. He is Matthew Clairmont's nephew, being Hugh de Clermont's son. He is described as a blonde giant. Gallowglass has a nose that looks like it had been broken and the arctic-blue eyes of a Viking. His Norse relatives were Úlfhéðnar. He is a fierce warrior with a strong sense of honor.